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convertible vintage car for wedding

The wedding video is an essential element of your day, maybe you don't know it yet, but that's the way it is and maybe it's wrong for us to say it,

But we don't care!


All couples agree that video takes them back to that day and when they watch it, they can enjoy and focus on all the details, looks, expressions,  gestures, music, tears, smiles, hugs, kisses of that magical day...

At Kiss Me Films we are prepared not to miss anything and  we capture all those moments with our cameras and then we edit it and deliver it to you so that you can enjoy that day without stopping.

HOW we work

Our way of working is a process that is made up of 4 phases, from when we meet and you explain your story and what the wedding will be like, until we give you your memories. 


For us, feeling is very important. We need to connect with you to be able to capture the most important and special moments of your day without you being almost unaware that we are there. 

wedding table, elegant and sophisticated design

first meeting

We want to know your story as best as possible and create a bond with you.

wedding day

We will accompany you throughout the day soaking up moments and emotions 


We create your memory with love and dedication. Each film is unique.


We take care of every detail. Your memories will be well kept forever

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